Aquacut Quattro

The Aquacut Quattro is an ideal tool for minimally invasive and cosmetic dentistry, with no direct contact with the tooth structure. This unique system suppresses powder emissions familiar with air abrasion units from the past, while simultaneously increasing cutting efficiency by continually removing debris created during the cutting process.

Aquacut Quattro produces no vibration, turbine noise, heat generation, or smell, and it dramatically reduces the need for local anaesthesia. In cleaning mode, the Aquacut Quattro is a valuable tool for the hygienist, delivering highly efficient stain removal and cleaning. It also increases the effectiveness of tooth whitening procedures.

Air abrasion vs drilling

Air abrasion just a less invasive, less harmful method used in dentistry. Drilling can lead to some tooth sensitivity that did not exist before exposure to the drill. Drilling has the potential to remove some of the natural tooth enamel, but air abrasion avoids that. Air abrasion minimises the loud sound that drilling creates and eliminates the risk of chipping or stress fracturing.

Advantages of the Aquacut Quattro

Like most technological advancements, the Aquacut Quattro makes the treatment process more efficient and less unpleasant experience for both the patient and the dentist. The system comes with all the other parts your dentist may need to use. For example, the cartridge has an inbuilt feed system that ensures zero maintenance as it is automatically replaced at each change.

  • It does not come in direct contact with the tooth structure
  • There is no vibration, heat generation, turbine noise or smell
  • Removes the need for local anaesthesia
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • No chipping or stress fractures


  • Contactless dentistry
  • Pain-Free dentistry
  • Modern adhesive dentistry
  • Quick and measured refills
  • Efficient stain removal
  • Multi-function handpiece
  • Convenient powder cartridge system