Dental Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, oral health is not isolated from the rest of the human body. The mouth is the passage for what you choose to put in your body, and can similarly be a passage to other complications. Dental cleaning is a routine treatment and is vital for the overall health or every individual.

During the cleaning, the hygienist’s responsibility is to remove tartar from your teeth using dental tools. The hygienist will usually explain the process and why they are using specific tools and how your teeth or gums may react. After tartar and some plaque are removed, your teeth will be brushed and polished for a subtle sheen.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

The general recommendation for most people would be a bi-annual check-up. Even though this is the general standard, it can vary. Oral care at home is a more substantial determining factor, this includes what you choose to eat on a daily basis and if you floss when you brush your teeth.

For example, someone who regularly snacks on sticky toffee sweets in comparison to someone who snacks on apples may not need to come in for cleaning at the same frequency. That is one example, but there are plenty of other possible reasons for different people.

Relevant questions you can ask

  • Can I have a demonstration on how to floss and brush correctly?
  • How deep are my tooth pockets?
  • Am I at risk of gum disease?
  • Am I potentially grinding my teeth too much?

If you ask questions regarding all your concerns, you can get answers which should put you more at ease, and you can look forward to your next visit.