E4D CAD/CAM Technology - A tooth in an Hour

The term CAD/CAM implies that an engineer can use the system both for designing a product and for controlling the manufacturing processes. In this case, the engineer is the dentist. The state of the art CAD/CAM dentistry by E4D is here. It is now possible for us to provide you with new metal-free bridges, crowns, inlays and veneers in just one day, reducing the need for big messy impressions and the hassle of temporary crowns.

CAD/CAM dentistry

Computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing dentistry is a field of dentistry and prosthodontics for various dental restorations. Traditionally, a patient would have to come in for an initial consultation and then have to wait a few days or a couple of weeks to get their full treatment. This was primarily due to the time it takes to design and create the restorations at a laboratory rather than the dentist’s practice.

Thanks to technology we can forget the temporaries and messy impressions. This process has its disadvantages and is just inconvenient for the patient. While you wait for your new teeth or dental crowns, a lot can go wrong; your teeth can become very sensitive, the temporaries can pop off exposing you to potential pain and breakage. CAD/CAM dentistry focuses on same day dentistry solutions.

How does the procedure work?

First, your teeth will be cleaned as usual to remove tartar and decay. After that, a laser image of your teeth is taken which will reflect on a screen in a 3D image. From this 3D image, your doctor will be able to design and manufacture the restorations on the spot, and you will probably be able to witness the entire process. Once the restoration is done milling in the E4D, your doctor will place the restorations.

Fun fact

E4D restorations are made of compressed ceramic rather than layered ceramic. For this reason, E4D restorations are stronger than traditional laboratory restorations.