Flash whitening

Flash is a new brand from WHITEsmile. It is a professional teeth whitening system made in Germany that is used by a select few dentists around the world. Dr Kevin Maguire can offer you professional support for your confident, sparkling smile with the Flash tooth whitening system. The Flash teeth whitening system is only available at a few dentist's offices, and Dr Maguire is one of them.

Teeth whitening with Flash is a process that dissolves stains in the tooth enamel by an oxygen reaction. The optimal light spectrum of the Flash tooth whitening system enhances this process and provides a safe and gentle treatment that reveals your most sparkling smile in just one visit. The brand comes with a downloadable APP which will help you follow the procedure and experience the cosmetic results of teeth whitening.

Whitening lamp

There is an in-house whitening lamp that is used along with a 6% hydrogen peroxide formula available only for people age of 18 and above at the dentist's office. This creates security in every practice. The determined tooth shades before and after the treatment are automatically evaluated. Various whitening programs offer individualised treatment planning. The high-power LED’s provide the ideal light activation of the Flash gel for optimal results.

Take-home system

Flash also has a take-home system that has been customised in a laboratory. The whitening gel comes in 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide for different wear time of the trays, and provides flexibility in the treatment. The unique Flash formula combines gentle whitening with optimised results. Dehydration and sensitivities are avoided during treatment. It is also ideal to further intensify in-office whitening procedures.

Whitening Pen

This tooth whitening touch-up pen is explicitly designed to refresh the whiteness of your teeth. The pen is specially formulated with 16% carbamide peroxide infused with a mint flavour. It is easy to handle, and the application takes between 15 to 20 minutes for a period of 10 to 15 days. It is ideal as a follow-up to in-office treatments or a more economical way into tooth whitening.