Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically fixed into the jawline bone. It becomes firmly knitted into the bone of the jaw and is then used as a solid anchor onto which crowns, bridges or dentures are mounted. They are made up of titanium and are very durable for the tooth replacements. Dental implants have been available for many years and are commonplace in the USA and parts of Europe. This process was first developed in 1947 in Sweden and has been practised by dental practitioners for over 30 years.

There has been a considerable rise in their popularity in South Africa too. They become as secure and natural-feeling as your regular teeth because they are permanently fixed to the jaw. One of the best benefits of dental implants is that they last for more than 35 years. There has been a large amount of research to ensure its efficiency and safety over the years. Dr Kevin Maguire can place your implants and will design your implant crown, bridge or denture to fit.

Do I need dental implants?

To determine if you need dental implants. It is best that you have an oral assessment to explore all your options before rushing into this procedure. Dental implants are a third chance at having healthy teeth. The first chance was your baby teeth, then your adult teeth that came in after losing your baby teeth. There are a few treatments and procedures that can rescue your teeth before dental implants, but some people may have already exhausted all these options.

Type of dental implants

  • Endosteal implants
  • Subperiosteal implant

A significant consideration you should have when getting this treatment is the dentist who will be performing the treatment. Dr Maguire is well equipped to help you and will be able to clearly explain the procedure to you and answer any concerning questions you have.